DIY Dog Bath

Turn Bath-Time into a Fun-Time with our DIY Dog Bath

Are you fed up with the mess and hassle of bathing your dog at home? A DIY Dog Bath is Easy, Convenient and No mess for you… We do all the cleaning up!

This is particularly popular for large breeds who seem to like to flood your bathroom whenever they take a bath or for those hairy breeds that cover your bathroom in a blanket of hair… You get to use professional equipment to achieve the professional look, but doing it yourself in our DIY Dog Bath!

If your dog is just too big or will not go in a bath then our specially designed wet area is ideal.

  • Individual Bath area.
  • Waist high – easy on your back!
  • Warm water, set at a safe, comfortable temperature.
  • Waterproof aprons supplied.
  • Appropriate shampoo supplied (Deluxe bath only)
  • Towels supplied (Deluxe bath only).
  • Dryer/Blaster available for use.


DIY Dog Bath at Canine Therapies
DIY Dog Bath at Canine Therapies

Two dog bath options available:

Basic DIY Dog Bath

Use our facilities, but bring your own shampoo and towel. And don’t worry… We will clean up after your DIY dog bath!

Deluxe DIY Dog Bath

We will bath your dog for you, also providing top quality shampoo according to the coat requirements of your dog, and towels… And, we’ll take care of the mess after bath time!

For hygiene purposes the baths are cleaned after every use. Appointments not always required.

Harvey Takes the Plunge

Shawns First Bathtime at Canine Therapies

Yogi and Crusoe Share a Bath

2 Dogs in our DIY Dog Bath
Sharing the DIY Dog Bath

We don’t encourage this type of behaviour at Canine Therapies, but these two just love sharing!

We offer a unique and extremely successful style of canine hydrotherapy based on years of experience in the field and through qualifying as a NARCH Registered Canine Hydrotherapists and skilled massage therapists.

If you would like to discuss DIY Dog Baths, or any of the treatments that we provide, with us either go to the contact us page or catch us on Facebook or Twitter.


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