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Here we have listed just a few of the many Happy Canine Hydrotherapy Testimonials for you to look over.

These are genuine Canine Hydrotherapy Testimonials from real people that we have received from our customers. Please check them for yourself.

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Dear Ann,

The insurance said that I could have 12 canine hydrotherapy sessions, and they were magnificent! Thats why I wanted to write this to add to your list of canine hydrotherapy testimonials for your site.

If in the future Laddie needs to come back for more treatment I will definately contact you, as I feel the sessions have been fantastic for him, he has gone from swimming just 5 lengths to 50 and he has loved every minute as you have no doubt heard the excitement when we arrive and whilst he has been in the pool!

I cannot thank you enough for all the excellent help and advice you have given me over the last few weeks.

Judith McElroy

Dear Anne,

I thought you might like a comment about our boy for your website, because his massage treatment and swims kept him going for so much longer.

Domino, our 12 year old labrador, had spondilitis. To get down to our back garden from the kitchen there is a flight of 12 concrete steps, but Domino had be taken round from the front door down a slope to the garden because he really couldn’t manage the steps any longer. The change in him after a massage was quite dramatic: he went up and down the steps just as he had been able to do before. The effects lasted for a week or two, and then I knew he needs another treatment. He just loved it, too! Keep up the good work.


Dear Ann,

In 2011 after a trip to the vet, I was informed that my beautiful 5 year old Rotti ‘Kimba’ had a cruciate ligament injury to her left knee. I was advised to first try the conservative method of recovery.

The huge decrease in exercise not only made Kimba depressed. She became anxious, jumpy and was slowly losing her muscle tone.

With little improvement in the knee, I felt surgery would be inevitable. After hearing about the benefits regarding dog hydrotherapy, improving the dogs general well being and muscle tone without the weight bearing exercise. I decided we had nothing to lose in giving it a go.

On our first visit to CANINE THERAPIES we were greeted with a friendly smile from yourself and Ruth. Kimba was allowed to have a sniff around the pool, before being fitted with the correct size life jacket. She was then able to enter the water in her own time.

It was a pleasant surprise that along side Ruth I was able to accompany Kimba in the pool. The water was lovely and warm and the pool was very clean. The whole experience was enjoyable for Kimba and me the owner.

Kimba swam at CANINE THERAPIES for approximately 3 weeks prior to her surgery. She became her old self once again, relaxed and not anxious.

It was the vets words that delight me most – due to Kimba’s swimming sessions before the operation. Her muscle tone has improved so much that this would definitely aid her recovery process. With the muscle helping support the knee area.

It has been 5 weeks since Kimba’s surgery and she is doing fantastic!!! I am certain that Kimba’s pre surgery swim sessions have been a major contributory factor in her healing and relaxed mind.

On our last check up at the vets they informed me – Kimba’s recovery and improvement in the movement of the knee is quicker than they would expect from a dog of her breed and size at this stage.

Thank you Ann for your kindness, professionalism and continuing support in Kimba’s recovery.

Jane Taylor, Blackpool

Henry, my miniature long-haired dachshund, turned 15 years old in March 2011. Shortly before his birthday, he started to attend approximately weekly sessions of hydrotherapy at Canie Therapies, the reasons being that he has a touch of arthritis in one of his shoulders, and he wasn’t as miniature as he should have been!

At home, there’s a step up from the kitchen to the living room – it isn’t a particularly high step, unless you only have dachshund-sized legs. Even when he was younger and fitter, Henry would tend to try the jump once, and if he didn’t make it on the first attempt, he would wait for someone to help him up the step.

Now, however, it’s a very different story. Nine times out of ten, Henry jumps up the step on his own, and if he doesn’t make it on the first attempt, he will try again, and will manage it on the second or third attempt. Knowing I’m a soft touch, he still occasionally waits for me to help him up, but it is only occasionally.

The sessions at Canie Therapies, under the guidance of Gail, a fully qualified and experienced hydrotherapist, have given Henry a new lease of life. From being a tired, slightly sad little dog, he has become bright and alert, his ears almost constantly pricked, and he looks and acts as if he were five years younger than his true age.

At the time of writing this, he has lost almost 10% of his initial weight, and although there is still some room for improvement there, he is visibly slimmer, with a very much improved muscle tone. Even when he reaches his target weight, I shall still be taking him for his swimming sessions – although he wasn’t particularly enamoured of them at the beginning, he now enjoys them, and they give him really good exercise without placing too much strain on his arthritic shoulder.

CR, Southport

Dear Anne,

Although Jake is only 6 years old he has been diagnosed with arthritis, he had a limp and struggled generally with his back end. Gail who runs the agility class used to put the fences at cross poles for Jake as I did not want to stop him going as he did have fun. Anyway we won the agility for our group and received a voucher for Anne Johnson’s Canine Therapies and Massage Centre where Gail works. I actually used the voucher recently and booked some sessions.

I was so impressed with everything, Jake is a very vocal dog and he was a little worried at his first session but Gail was marvelous with him and of course we used a ball as he loves his toys, especially the ball. I was thrilled to see him swimming with his life jacket on. Swimming is so therapeutic and will help with his weight loss. Gail felt he would be fine and I felt he would benefit so much too.

Having the sessions has made a tremendous difference to Jake he is a lot more free in his limbs and it amazes me how high he can get his back end now especially even just cocking his leg for a wee, let alone jumping the fences as uprights now. I have to say Jake soon adapted and can take off from the steps which worried him at first and races for the ball. He is so relaxed with Gail. In between Gail massages Jake and this is so good for him. All my friends say what a happier dog he is and although the benefits are amazing Jake gets a lot of fun from the swimming and I must admit I do too watching.

Debbie Edwards

Hi Anne, Gail, Ruth and Jo,

Thanks for making Meg’s recovery so much fun for both Meg and us! The mention of swimming always got that tail wagging! It is so unfortunate that nature beat us all before Meg reached her goal of walking completely independently. We think of you all as friends now, and hope you regard us in the same way.

Kevin & Chris

Hi Anne,

Just to say Thank You for all your help and advice with Harvey. We feel the swimming has really helped to get him fit and well again. The Kennel Club “Permission to Show” arrived last week and we had already entered him in a local show, in case it arrived in time.

We have just got back from Lancaster & Westmorland C/S and took Harvey under Ian Jones (Ladrow). He won his class and Best of Breed, then to our delight and amazement he went on to win Group 1 and then Best in Show, under Les Aspin. We were so thrilled, and cant thank you enough for your help with his recovery!

Pat and Ken