04 Jul

Size Matters when it comes to Canine Hydrotherapy!

The size of a dedicated dog pool really matters when it comes to swimming larger dogs, or more then one dog at a time. The canine hydrotherapy pool here at Canine Therapies is 22 feet long, and 13 feet wide, so we can accommodate all breeds from Newfoundlands to Chihuahuas, Great Danes to English Toy Terriers, and all sizes in between.

Sometimes dogs can be more motivated if they can swim with other dogs who live in the same household, and it can make life much easier for the owners too.

Most dedicated dog pools have a standard depth of 4 feet, which is sufficient for most breeds. At Canine Therapies we also have broad steps leading down into the canine hydrotherapy pool, which can be used as resting platforms, different steps being used according to the length of the dogs legs.

Usually when we swim more than one dog at a time they are swimming for ‘Fun and Fitness’ rather than displaying particular medical conditions, which would require more controlled swimming and greater care in handling.

However, if the size of the canine hydrotherapy pool is too small to accommodate more than one dog it clearly has more limitations. The initial installation costs must be taken into consideration when deciding on the size of the canine hydrotherapy pool, and also the running costs – the chemicals, the filtration system, and of course the huge cost of heating; the greater the volume of water, the greater the heating costs. But we have found the size of the pool at Canine Therapies to be ideal for our clients’ needs; it can accommodate 3 Labradors, shown here in the picture, without too much crowding, and providing it is adequately staffed, all are under control and having fun.

A small dog can swim in a large pool, but a giant breed would struggle to get the same benefits from swimming in a very small pool.

Do you have a dog that loves to swim or a dog that may benefit from a canine hydrotherapy treatment?

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