Dog Massage: Simple Techniques for caring owners

Dog Massage – Learn these Simple techniques to massage your dog

Please note: for any injury or a deeper therapeutic massage please contact a qualified massage therapist – the techniques require skill and knowledge which cannot be relayed in a few short paragraphs.

How to massage your dog…

Having a massage is a great feeling. It really chills you out and leavs you in a better state of mind and more able to deal with the stresses of daily life… Could a Dog Massage do the same for your dog?

dog massage
Dog massage

You bet it can! Dog massage gives dogs exactly the same benefits that we humans feel.

Best of all, doing a little dog massage for relaxation is simple to do and can be performed by the owner in their own home. Check out these techniques:

Daily Dog massage

We all enjoy stroking our dogs, so why not introduce a little dog massage into our daily petting? Simply use a flat palm and work your way slowly over your dog, paying attention to the way your dog feels and reacts to your touch. This will help you become familiar with your dogs body and will be able to notice changes in temperature, sensitive areas, muscle tension etc. This knowledge will help you recognise issues earlier and will help you provide better information for your vet or massage practitioner.

Calming Dog Massage

Does you dog become stressed from time to time?  Perhaps it’s really windy outside or there is a fireworks party nearby. Is your dog hiding under the bed, panting excessively or whining? Maybe he needs a ‘Calming Dog Massage’.

Again using the flat palm of your hand on top of your dog’s head or neck and move your hands gently around the neck area where there is a good bulk of muscle.  Simply make long, sweeping movements using light pressure and repeat the motion watching for a calm state returning to your dog. When you have finished place one hand at the base of the dogs head and the other hand over the pelvis (dog’s hips). This will aid rest and relaxation responses of the body. This technique is useful any time your dog is nervous or fearful, such as during visits to the vet.

Pre-Exercise Dog Massage

If your dog participates in sports such as Flyball, Agility, Cani-X, Heelwork to Music etc, warming up prior to an activity  is just as important for your dog as it would be for you prior to playing sport…

An active dog who gets a good warm-up is much less likely to suffer injury, and is more likely to be mentally prepared for the performance…

After several minutes of simple strokes over your dog’s entire body begin to rub the large muscles around the neck, shoulders, buttocks, and thighs using the heel of your hand. The motion is similar to kneading bread and the aim is to stimulate blood flow in the muscles. Next assert a little pressure to your dogs lower limbs by wrapping your fingers around the and squeezing gently. Relax your grip and move up leg gradually, repeating the squeezing motion. Finish with extra petting to stimulate your dog in preparation for exercise.

We hope you found these techniques useful and interesting and that you feel inspired to try them out. If you do, please get in touch to let us know how your dog reacted to you new dog massage techniques.

If you would like to discuss dog massage with us or attend one of our training sessions either give us a call, go to the contact us page or catch us on Facebook or Twitter.


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