Canine Massage

01 Jul

Dog Massage: Simple Techniques for caring owners

Dog Massage – Learn these Simple techniques to massage your dog Please note: for any injury or a deeper therapeutic massage please contact a qualified massage therapist – the techniques require skill and knowledge which cannot be relayed in a few short paragraphs. How to massage your dog… Having a massage is a great feeling. It really chills you out…

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Canine Massage Therapy

22 Feb

Relieve Pain with Canine Massage Therapy Canine Massage Therapy may sound unusual, but most people know the pleasure and relief massage can bring, particularly to relieve aches and pains caused by tense or over-worked muscles. Massage is one of the oldest known techniques for healing, pre-dating orthodox medicine and other complimentary therapies. Canine Massage Therapy is gaining recognition as a…

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