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Canine Physiotherapy is “passive” stretching, when the action is brought about by the therapist and not by the effort of the dog. Experienced therapists can “feel” when the dog reaches his or her limit in the extension or flexion of its joint.

Canine Physiotherapy: Stretching, and weight-bearing exercises

By |July 6th, 2011|Canine Physiotherapy|

Rooney loves Canine Physiotherapy Rooney the 7 year-old Labrador loves his Canine Physiotherapy sessions. Just like his footballing namesake, Rooney loves showing off! He is shown here stretching his hip joints using a type of gym ball which we call our peanut because of its shape. As it only rolls forward and back it is [...]

Canine Physiotherapy: The Problem with Shepherds…

By |July 4th, 2011|Canine Physiotherapy|

Canine Physiotherapy is an effective method to improve a dogs proprioception Like many German Shepherds this dog is showing signs of weakness in her hindquarters. She comes to Canine Therapies to swim on a regular basis but we also work with her on various canine physiotherapy exercises to help maintain her awareness of her paws. [...]