Canine Swimming Programmes

Canine Swimming Programmes at Canine Therapies

All Canine Swimming Programmes also greatly enhance your dog’s mental wellbeing!

Your dog will fit into one of the following canine swimming programmes. Please contact us to discuss your dog’s requirements.

Canine Swimming Programmes
Canine Swimming Programmes
  • Rehabilitation – A series of combined swim/massage sessions for dogs recovering from recent surgery or injury. These canine swimming programmes allow for a gentle return to exercise after a period of inactivity, helping to rebuild and strengthen muscle, reduce joint stiffness, drain toxins from the limbs and increasing blood circulation (oxygen) to the limbs, aiding to hasten recovery time.
  • Mobility – Relief from inflammation, pain and stiffness. These canine swimming programmes are designed for those dogs who have on-going mobility issues such as hip dysplasia, arthritis etc.
  • Senior fitness – Relief from the stiffness, pain and strain of old age. Swimming, being non-weight bearing provides pain-free exercise. Full range of motion is achieved in the pool environment, allowing joints to move freely and muscles to strengthen. Additionally canine swimming programmes help to keep the respiratory and cardiovascular systems in good condition.
  • Conditioning – Canine Swimming Programmes provides one of the best total body conditioners a dog can engage in. Maximise the benefits that swimming can offer your dog with a controlled workout in the pool. This programme is perfect for show dogs, agility dogs and working dogs to keep them in peak condition.
  • Weight loss/management – Canine Swimming Programmes for weight loss, weight management and fitness. Excess weight is hard on joints and ligaments. Start your dog with a safe, aerobic exercise that burns calories and combined with a controlled diet can greatly enhance their quality of life. Weigh your dog weekly or fortnightly to keep a close check;
  • Puppy Swimming – Make your puppy’s first introductions to water a positive experience. A non-weight bearing form of exercise perfect for growing pups, no stress on developing joints and bones. Great for confidence and socialisation. Teach your pup to swim!
  • Swimming Lessons – Not all dogs are confident swimmers and some dogs may have had a traumatic experience around water. Let us introduce/reintroduce your dog to the water at a pace they are comfortable with. Most dogs do eventually learn that swimming can be a lot of fun!
  • Energy Burner – Maximise the workout for your dog with a controlled swim. We have found that controlled swimming will burn up energy more efficiently than when a ball is thrown from the pool deck. Using toys to motivate your dog and keep them moving around the pool, this programme is great fun for water loving dogs or those dogs with abundant energy. The benefits of having a tired, contented dog go without saying!

We offer a unique and extremely successful style of canine hydrotherapy based on years of experience in the field and through qualifying as a NARCH Registered Canine Hydrotherapists and skilled massage therapists.

If you would like to discuss canine swimming programmes with us either go to the contact us page or catch us on Facebook or Twitter.


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