Level 3 Certificate


Introduction to the Course

The large pool at Canine Therapies was set up in 1992 in order to provide a safe place for dogs who require supervised, careful and medically sanctioned exercise. Canine Therapies treats dogs for many orthopaedic conditions including arthritis, spondylitis, hip and elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament disease, and many more. The addition of a water treadmill in 2015 enabled some more complex neurological conditions to be safely managed, as well as detailed gait analysis and correction. Other health benefits are rehabilitation following surgery, weight management, and general fitness for competitive and working dogs.

Learning Structure

The LEVEL 3 CERTIFICATE IN CANINE HYDROTHERAPY course is split into nine mandatory units and one of a choice of three optional units. We also offer additional units which would be valuable for further study within the field of hydrotherapy, including further study leading to the level 3 Diploma. By the end of 2019 we may be able to offer level 4 courses.

We recommend that learners start with just the Introductory Unit so they can ensure the course really is suitable for their needs and money is not wasted by applying for the whole Certificate before sampling it.

The Introduction is presented over 2 days in house, with some written work to be submitted later, followed by further practical sessions in our purpose-built Centre where your knowledge and industry skills will be further developed.  Our booking form shows you how the various units can be presented holistically, but you are advised to work through each one steadily to ensure the knowledge is not just superficial. This is the reason we do not offer a fast-track course, although students with a higher level of prior knowledge will be able to progress more quickly.

Testing and accreditation will be completed as the course progresses and will be verified during attendance at the Centre. Course completion is followed by as many tutored practical days as you would like in order to feel confident and competent.

 This course is targeted at students aged a minimum of 19 years, preferably with prior experience of working with dogs within a commercial setting or with a qualification in animal care. It does not rule out those with no experience or prior learning but learners in that position should understand that the course will take longer for them to reach the required standard.

Credits Practical Days Cost
Mandatory Units

  • Introduction Canine Hydrotherapy
  • Common Canine Conditions
  • Canine Anatomy
  • Canine Physiology
  • Canine Health Status and First Aid
  • Canine Assessment Process
  • Practical Administration of Canine Hydrotherapy Treatment
  • Water Management
  • Professional and Ethical Practice






Optional Units

  • Introduction to Aquatic Treadmill Practice
  • Canine Behaviour & Clinical Practice
  • Introduction to Canine Gait and Movement






Additional tutored days for practical experience are available at £150 per day

All mandatory units plus one optional unit required to gain your Certificate, also including 3 additional tutored practical days £2995

The above courses include practical assessments, theory assignments and case studies.
Course fees include course materials, tutorials, lunch and refreshments.
Please see our Terms and Conditions for cancellation policy.


Please click here to download the Level 3 application form.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please complete your details clearly and print your name in the way you would like it to appear on certificates.
  2. Payment is required in full at the time of booking.
  3. Payment methods: by cheque, bank transfer or by credit or debit card over the phone. Cheques should be payable to Canine Therapies.
  4. Places will be reserved for up to 10 working days after an agreement to participate has been made following a successful telephone interview; until payment has been received the booking is not considered to have been completed and you will not be given access to course materials.
  5. The cost of the course is inclusive of online course materials and practical days.
  6. Students will be expected to provide their own wetsuit and suitable footwear for practical sessions. These will be necessary during the practical days of both Modules 1 and 2.
  7. Students are reminded that, when wet, you may feel cold more quickly than usual so warm clothing is strongly recommended.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  1. Cancellations of booking a course may be made at any time providing no part of the course has been made accessible to you.
  2. If access has been granted to the online course materials no refund will be given.
  3. If the booking fee has been received by Canine Therapies and you decide to cancel before access to course material is made available to you, a full refund will be made, minus £20 for administrative costs.
  4. If, following a telephone interview, it is agreed that this course is not suitable for you, a full refund will be given if payment has already been made.

Entry Requirements:

  • A good command of spoken and written English language is required, equivalent to CSE grade 1, GCSE grades A – D, GCE ‘O’ level grades A – E. Overseas students with English not being their first language should contact Canine Therapies to discuss language qualifications and their eligibility for the course.
  • All students must be 18 years or over.
  • This course includes practical work with dogs of all sizes in water and on land. You should be physically able to complete all elements of the course within 2 years of registration.

Additional Information:

  1. Car parking is available on site, and off the road. Cars are parked at the owners’ risk, and Canine Therapies cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or property.
  2. All course materials remain the property of Canine Therapies and their use is restricted under copyright law.
  3. Canine Therapies has a no smoking policy in all working areas.
  4. The use of photographic equipment is restricted and its use must have the written permission of Canine Therapies staff and/or the owner/client.
  5. Each potential student is responsible for ensuring that the course is suitable for their requirements. There is a description of the course online, and telephone queries are welcomed if there is any uncertainty about suitability or about the special needs of students.

Please note: Any infringement of copyright, or any incidents of plagiarism are not allowed. These matters are taken very seriously and will be followed up.


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