18-hour Canine Swimathon

Support our 18 Hour Canine Swimathon

We are planning to hold an 18-hour Canine Swimathon as a charity event here at the pool to raise money and awareness for the Progressive Supranuclear Palst Association who give practical and advisory support for people and families connected with this very debilitating condition.

Canine Swimathon to support the PSPA
Canine Swimathon to support the PSPA

Ruth’s grandmother died of this disease so Ruth is organising it all in her memory.

The date chosen is Saturday 12th May, 6am to midnight.

Sponsors needed!

We hope that most of those taking part will be our regular swimmers but there may be room for just a few new ones providing they have veterinary consent.

PRINT OUT OUR ADVERT AND DISPLAY IT FOR US… It would be much appreciated.


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