Frequently Asked Questions

All those little things you’d like to know!

We understand that sometimes appointments may need to be rescheduled. We would appreciate at least 24 hours notice, as a late cancellation may leave a gap which could have been utilised by a dog requiring treatment. Failure to arrive without cancelling may result in you having to pay your unused session.

Bring your dog in on a leash and under control. Canine Therapies has an on-leash policy and no dogs are allowed off leash until otherwise directed by a staff member. Your dog may be friendly but, not all dogs are comfortable with other dogs approaching them, and the road just beyond the main gate is extremely busy and fast.

Please toilet your dog! Even if your dog was toileted at home it is a good idea to have time for this on arrival as car journeys can be very exciting! Please pick up after your dog, there is a rubbish bin for waste outside within the exercise area. If your dog defecates in the pool there will be a fouling fee as it means we will have to shut the pool down in order to sanitise it. Please do not allow your dog to toilet inside Canine Therapies.

Please brush your dogs to remove loose hair before their session if possible: this will be greatly appreciated.

Your dog needs to arrive on a collar and lead and must remain so until directed otherwise.

A signed consent form is required from your vet.

Drying facilities are available, however, please feel free to use your own towel.

Food will only be a motivator in the aquatic treadmill, if and when required: bringing your own treats will be greatly appreciated.

Remember that the purpose of attending is for therapeutic treatment for your dog, so qualified therapists will look after your dog in the water, whilst you encourage him from the side. If your dog is not comfortable with being handled by others, please ring to discuss your options for being included in our swimming programme.

Yes, open wounds, bitches in season, infectious or contagious conditions such as gastric upsets, kennel cough, ear, eye or skin infections are conditions which could prevent treatment taking place. If your dog has a heart condition, vestibular syndrome or moderate to severe epilepsy any form of exercise may cause a serious problem, so we must be informed so we can discuss the problem with your vet.

Please do not feed your dog for at least 2 hours prior to swimming and 2 hours after swimming.

We prefer that your dog has been vaccinated but this is not a requirement. If you and your vet have your dog on an alternative vaccination protocol, please discuss it with us. If your dog is not vaccinated you will be asked to sign a disclaimer. However, in all circumstances if your dog shows any signs of illness please do not bring it for the session, but telephone to discuss or cancel.

Many dogs that visit Canine Therapies are not “water dogs”. Some can take a few sessions before they find their confidence and start to enjoy their sessions. We have found that many of these same ‘non water dogs’ soon turning into real water babies! Your dog will be closely supported by one or more of our hydrotherapists. We take our time to gain your dogs trust and confidence and try and make sessions at Canine Therapies a positive experience.

Your dog walks into the water via wide non-slip steps that have been specially designed for this purpose. We do not employ the use of a harness or hoist system. Canine buoyancy aids are provided to aid in confidence and to support your dog in the water if needed, and one or two hydrotherapists also support your dog in the water.

No, Canine Therapies provides safe, controlled swimming in warm, clean water. Our pool is heated to an ideal temperature for rehabilitation and conditioning swimming. Swimming in warm water allows the muscles to work more efficiently and without risk of sudden cramp. Cold water swimming constricts blood vessels close to the skin restricting blood flow to the muscles.

We only allow one dog in the pool at a time, for safety reasons. In some circumstances it may be possible for 2 dogs to share a single session to keep your costs down, but they would take it in turns to swim/rest, so in effect they would each have 50% of a session.

This only applies in certain circumstances and should be discussed with one of our hydrotherapists.

You will have exclusive use of the treatment area in which you are booked. As we offer a number of treatments it may be that other dogs are here taking part in a different session within the building. This is why we insist your dog remains on a lead at all times.

Just like humans all dogs are completely different and respond to treatment differently. Following your initial assessment your hydrotherapist will give you an idea of what your future treatment plan could include.

If there is a scheduled booking directly following your dog’s booking, your dog’s session will be shortened to meet the scheduled completion time. Failure to arrive may result in having to pay for the session.

A maximum of 30 minutes per treatment however this may vary dependant on your dog’s presentation and reason for referral.

Yes, you do need to ring to make a booking. Please bear in mind that evenings and Saturdays are popular so it pays to book these times well in advance. You can book well ahead, but please remember to cancel if you can no longer attend.

Veterinary consent is required for all dogs prior to you initial assessment. No treatment will take place without prior consent.

Many insurance companies will cover hydrotherapy and physiotherapy within your normal plan. We are happy to help with this and submit your claim for you to ease some of the stress. Its always best for you to give them a call to find out prior to your treatment.