Hydrotherapy can have significant benefits by aiding your dog’s healing and recovery rate after surgery or injury. This increases the chance of a successful return to full fitness.

Hydrotherapy can have significant benefits.

Like humans, following injury and during recovery, our dogs exercise level becomes limited. Their muscles lose strength and tone due to the enforced inactivity.

Once the rest period or confinement is over it is vital to rebuild muscle.

Care must be taken to ensure a complete recovery to avoid jeopardising the veterinary procedures and treatment received. Canine Therapies have the knowledge and training to provide a bespoke recovery programme.

Image of German Shepard standing on steps in hydrotherapy pool

Significant benefits from hydrotherapy.

  • Removes pressure from the joints which improves range of motion, comfort and mobility
  • Reduces inflammation pre and post surgery or injury
  • Helps to increase blood circulation and enhances the bodies natural healing
  • Increases muscle mass in areas of loss or where additional strength is required
  • Improves stamina and strength in a controlled environment
  • Provides cardiovascular fitness
  • Provides mental stimulation for all ages, from puppies to veterans

The Hydrotherapy Pool

Our hydrotherapy pool is one of the largest in the North West allowing for good levels of cardiovascular exercise regardless of size. The pool was designed to ensure easy access with plenty of room to facilitate veterinary rehabilitation, including large breeds and high energy dogs.

Your dog will be supported in a controlled environment wearing either a canine buoyancy aid or harness to ensure the therapist has control at all times. On entry to the pool area we ask that muddy boots or shoes are washed off in our outdoor wash facility ensuring the pool area remains clean. During treatment we are happy for you to be as involved as possible, however, you will not be permitted to enter the water. The pool environment is warm and humid due temperature of the water required for rehabilitation.

  • Deep pool to cater for large breeds
  • Heated to 29 – 30c
  • Excellent water sanitation and quality
  • Easy access with no hoists or ramps
  • Drying facilities are available

The Aquatic Treadmill

The aquatic treadmill was designed to allow all the properties of water to aid recovery and mobility in a controlled environment. Your dog will have a bespoke treatment plan based on their needs and ability, supporting recovery at their own pace. We use water resistance, buoyancy, heat, hydrostatic pressure and endless variations in treatment plans help us to focus on improving gait patterns, joint mobility, proprioception and muscle mass. In most cases our aquatic treadmill is utilised to support dogs prior to- and post-surgery to ensure your canine companion has the best chance of recovery. Our extensive treatment plans can also be targeted for supporting the fitness needs for canine athletes.

  • Easy access
  • Variable depths and speeds
  • Directional
  • Reduces risk of re-injury or worsening conditions
  • Adaptable, session by session